Let’s break boundaries together!

We are passionate about digital transformation and creating affordable technology solutions for organizations of varying sizes. To further this mission, we promote an extensive and robust ecosystem of partners: Resellers, Affiliates, Value Added Resellers (VAR), Application Developers, and Integrators. Our partners are the lifeline of our business and we value them immensely.

Reseller Partner

Our Reseller Partners are individuals and organizations that recommend our platform and products to others. Reseller Partners earn a commission when a referral becomes a paying customer.


Affiliate Partner

Our Affiliate Partners are freelancers, influencers, content creators, and organizations who promote our products and push traffic to our sites through their website, blogs, social media accounts, newsletters, and articles. Our affiliates earn a sales commission when a sale is made from the traffic they generated.


Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner

Individuals and organizations that resell our products and offer complementary services like consultancy, support, training, etc. are regarded as Value Added Resellers. Our VARs earn commission on sales and additional revenue on other services provided.


Strategic Partner

In our quest to close the value gap and offer a lot more value to our customers, we partner with enterprise service providers who have complementary products and/or services and who wish to leverage the Scelloo platform to extend their reach. To let us know how you intend to partner with us, click the button below.

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Why Partner With Us

We are enthusiastically seeking individuals and organizations, who love what we do at Scelloo, share our passion for excellence, and a commitment to exceptional customer experience, to join our global network of partners. Our partners offer a range of customer-facing services that support Scelloo technology solutions.

If you are a freelancer or an organization that runs HR, Supply Chain, ICT, Accounting, or other finance-related consultancy practice and are passionate about digital transformation and committed to exceptional customer experience, you should join us.


Cloudenly workflows provide you with automatic data feeds on your client’s day-to-day transactions, keeping you in charge of your clients' accounts and your own time.

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Propagate and Grow your Practice

Onboard your existing clients on Cloudenly and relieve them of the stress of manual Book keeping and Accounting. Get discovered and retained when you list on Cloudenly partner platform.

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Grow New Revenue Base

Earn revenue from Cloudenly products when you sign up your clients and network. As a certified Accountant, you also have the opportunity to offer outsourced Accounting and Book keeping services.

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Do more with less

Cloudenly enables remote collaboration with your clients, effectively reducing your time and cost of operations and frees up resources to service more clients.

Other Partner Benefits

Enjoy Premium Networking within and outside your Industry

Network across our global partner community of professionals and industry leaders and grow your social capital.

Get Marketplace Exposure

Expose your business to customers and partners when you join the Scelloo marketplace.

Receive Advisory Badge

Get recognized with specialist badges when you reach new milestones. You can use this badge(s) to promote your expertise in the use and application of our products.

Access Premium Support

As a Scelloo partner, you will enjoy full access to our support community and growth teams at every stage.

Earn Sales Commission

Earn up to 25% commission on sales.

Business Intelligence

Expand your knowledge base and be up to date with industry trends and insights for better business decisions.